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10 Make Money Online Surveys / Online Surveys for Money (Review)



Are you interested in an online work from home? Or looking for how to earn extra cash? Or maybe you want to get rich or make money online today? You are in the right place. This thread will discuss how make money online surveys / online surveys for money which is one of the good ways to make money today.

10 Make Money Online Surveys / Online Surveys for Money

10 Make Money Online Surveys / Online Surveys for Money

Online survey is a way whereby a community’s product is influenced by its consumers volunteering to participate in its research. As a result, the consumers get paid for their job done.

It is one of the interesting ways to make money online since anyone who has a brain and an opinion can take part. Most of the time, they do not ask to pay to sign up for participation.

With this little introduction of online surveys, let’s now look at why you should make money online with surveys and then how to make money online surveys / online surveys for money.

Why you should make money online with surveys

  1. To make money from home.
  2. To earn extra cash.
  3. To make money online today.
  4. To get rich

How to make money online surveys / online surveys for money

There are tons of website that let you earn from participating in online surveys, but we shall only look at the best 10 based on our review. We shall be looking at some of them one after the other.

  1. Cashcrate

You get paid on Cashcrate for taking surveys and performing other tasks. Users get paid in real time to take real surveys from market research companies.

  1. CreationRewards

Earn points with CreationRewards when taking surveys, completing offers, shopping online or watching videos

  1. Gifthulk

You can be rewarded with real-world prizes for surveys you take at GiftHulk. Surveys can include Watching videos, completing surveys, searching, playing games among others.

  1. GlobalTestMarket

With GlobalTestMarket, you can get paid for taking surveys. Also, you can send slots of survey invites to friends.

  1. QuickRewards

QuickRewards reward you for taking surveys, shopping online, and reading emails.

  1. SurveySpot

On SurveySpot, you tell researchers what you think of their products and services by giving your opinions on their issues. It offers prizes and rewards for participation in their surveys.

  1. Swagbucks

Signing up on Swagbucks gets you an instant $5 (£3) and it is open to UK customers. It is a way to participate in an online work from home.

  1. Test Spin

You can register with TestSpin to participate in testing of new products and music. This makes you eligible to earn up to $600 as gift cards from

  1. Toluna

Toluna let’s you earn cash and rewards from Expedia, B&Q, Odeon, Cineworld, Sainsburys and many more companies and products.

  1. Vindale Research

Discover paid online surveys on Vindale Research which is available to qualified panelists. To be a panelist, you have to signup and get approval. One’s approved, you can start to review products and services and get paid taking surveys as online work from home.

This is how far we can go on 10 Make Money Online Surveys / Online Surveys for Money. Note that, participating in surveys is a way to take part in online work from home and as well, one of the creative ways to make money online.

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