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5 Tips on How to Learn Without Forgetting



If you are a student who have always been learning and forgetting, then you’re lucky to be here today. I’ve took upon myself to give tips on “How to Learn Without Forgetting”.

5 Tips on How to Learn Without Forgetting

As a student, learning is very essential. Upon it is the success or failure of a student during an examination depends. A student either fails or pass.

Many fail due to lack of preparation and some actually prepared and still fail. Most of those who read and fail must have not been doing it the proper way.

Not reading the proper makes learning hard and makes you to forget what you’re been taught.

To overcome that, I’ll be sharing the tips in this post. Now, let’s get to the point.

How to Learn Without Forgetting

  1. Develop a good attitude to learning

Don’t just study for study sake, develop an interest in it. Many at times we see learning as a punishment or as if it is something hard due to our lack of interest.

This will not help the situation except that it adds more to it. To be consistent in reading, one has to develop a good attitude towards it and that will serve as the fuel in the engine.

A good attitude to reading will make you have interest in picking up and reading your books without been remembered or being chase around.

The more you are close to your book, the more you read it. And the more you read, the more you will gain something out of it.

Good attitude to learning is not limited to reading alone – part of it talks about going to schools early, attending classes/lectures. A good student should ensure he/she leaves home for school very early in the morning.

When you get there, you don’t skip classes. Always try to make yourself available for lectures.

  1. Create a Study Plan

Most of the times when students decide to read, they find it difficult to do so. This is because of a bad or no study plan.

A study plan will let you allocate a good time (maybe some hours of your day) to study. This can be achieved by having and following a reading time table which must have been made by you.

With a good study time-table, you will be able to allocate a fixed number of subject depending on your capacity and the time allocated. Let’s us say for example, you allocate 2 – 3 hours of your time to study daily.

Within these hours, let’s say you want to cover two subjects. That means you will be spending at least an hour with a subject in a day. If you continue in that manner day-in day-out, then you get used to reading.

The implication of these is that you will understand your notebooks more and better since you read daily instead of allowing the them to pile-up, and eventually start cramming when examinations are nearby.

  1. Find a Good Place to Read

A good study plan will work better for you if you consider a good, silent and serene environment to read. This will help you to be able to think along with what you read and as well, will let you cover more pages within the stipulated time you have assigned for your reading and will help you to learn without forgetting.

I know of some people that do cope with reading where there is noise but I must tell you that this is not too good. It is never advisable to read in noisy areas.

  1. Staying calm and well – organized

Before you decide to pick – up your book and read, you need to get settled first. Settle down, remain calm and free yourself from distractions.

Nowadays, mobile phones are major distractions to students who are willing to read.

When most students decide to read with their mobile data on for the purpose of making references to the internet when there is need, they end up receiving messages from their social media accounts – especially from the likes of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and of course, twitter.

The problem is not actually with the messages received but in their opinion to reply this messages when they are supposed to be reading. Immediately you reply, another message comes-in and the cycle continues until they eventually waste the whole time.

If you are one of the student who find it hard to ignore this messages, it is better to leave your data off for the moment. And in case you feel there is need to make references to the internet, a better option is for you to block those apps that might disturb your reading – at least for the hour.

In addition, your notes should be organized. Disorganized notes will prevent you from reading efficiently and/or, may reduce the pace at which you should be moving.

  1. Getting Enough Sleep

Never deny yourself a healthy sleep all in the name of reading. Regular sleep will allow aid your memory retention ability thereby making you remember what you read for a longer time.

It is recommended to have 9 hours of sleep daily as an adolescent and 7 – 8 hours of sleep time for regular adults.

It is even good to sleep before reading. This will help you cool off tensions and help you remain calm and prepared for reading.

I wouldn’t advise you to stay up all night reading your books. Well, if you are fixed up the entire day, you can use some part of your night reading but, do not read all night – especially the night before exams and will help you to learn without forgetting.

I have seen students’ breakdown in examination halls because of this – some of these finished off their papers in the school health center while some of these cases couldn’t continue with the examination. So, what’s the point!

If you have actually been reading daily and properly, I don’t think there will be any reason for you to stay up all-night reading during such times. All I think you should be doing then is revision.

You revise all you’ve been reading the whole time and backup your reading with prayers. Prayers are actually essential, but they work better with hard work.

I hope my 5 Tips on How to Learn Without Forgetting are of high benefit to you. I will love to hear your thoughts regarding this post and as you know – we love feedback!

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