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Affiliate Marketing: The Short-Cut to Excellent Profit- Make up to $50



Did you want to know how to make over $2000per month with affiliate marketing? In this post, I will be sharing with you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. How you can start making $50 per product and how to choose the best product to promote.

Affiliate marketing: The Short-Cut to Excellent Profit- Make up to $50 Per Sale

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the type of marketing which involves promoting someone else’s products to your blog users/readers and in return get paid on each of every product. Affiliate marketing is regarded as the best and fastest way to make money online as a new blogger if you understand the whole strategies and techniques and also as John Chow put it, the most misunderstood.

If you are into affiliate marketing, it is possible you might have been doing everything wrong and that’s why maybe you are not getting any result. It takes for you to know what it takes to make money by promoting products, if you do it wrong, you going to be wasting a lot of money.

I started with affiliate marketing even when I don’t understand what it really takes to make money online as well. I joined a big affiliate company as at that time, got approved and zoom off to promoting products. But hey, I wasted a lot of years and a lot of money on promoting products. I made a lot of mistakes, in choosing the product to promote, in getting the right audience for the conversion and as well keeping my customers through email list.

I learnt this the hard way. But in this post, I will be sharing with you three major cases to help you finalize your earning to up to $50 per sale on product within 20 minutes per day. You want to ask, how much is it possible to make per day from affiliate products, the price is listless. It is possible for you to make $50 per day from a single person and the rest will decides on the number of traffic you are receiving in a day.

The Short-Cut to Excellent Profit- Make up to $50 Per Sale

Let’s start

  • Choosing the Right Product

This is where you need to start. How to choose the right product to promote. This action is just like choices, your choice will determine on the policy you have or let me simplify it by saying by the understanding and the information you have. In here, I will be giving you the right information.

The first step you need to take in finding the right product to promote as an affiliate marketer is Market Research. What are your readers or followers earnestly looking for? What are the things they want to get solved? and, What are the things that can elevate them?

These are things that will come up on how successful you will be in promoting products. Let me remind you again, market research. How do you go about market research, or what best tool can you use to find the right product.  Yes, Google Keyword Planner is one of the best tool that is both free and very informative. It gives you the monthly searches of the niche or keywords you are trying to promote.

For example, if you are into “make money online” niche and you want to know the products or the best products that can easily convert. My keyword ofcourse is “make money online”, go to Keyword Planner and check the monthly searches on the keyword. If the monthly searches are more than 500k searches, then it is a good business.

It is as simple as that, find the most searches keywords and then find a related product and promote. It will hit the ground.

  • Getting the Right Audience for the Conversion

After finding the right products, there is also very important for you to look for the right audience for the conversion. Wrong audience will equals to No conversion. There are times that your audience or your blog readers might not fit the kind of products you are promoting. What do you have to do? You use the back end of your site to direct users for them to register under you; it is as easy as that. There are also some free places to get audience that convert better, Google and Facebook are the most trusted and reliable converted user. Meanwhile, Pinterest and Quora also works fine well with conversion.

  • Keeping my customers through email list

This is where most affiliate marketers missed it and that’s why I also put it last. There is nothing favorable and nothing most interesting to keeping your customers, there is nothing you can utterly compare with, I tell you the truth. Your email list is your greatest asset in the blogging world, they are your people, they are people that want to hear you, want to listen to you, they totally put their trust in you. That’s why it is very important to start your mailing list, the first day you launched your blog, that’s also the first day you should start your mailing list.

There are a lot of ways you can get your readers emails address, it is either by giving them free coupon or free ebook that can help them in one way in the other way. Start your mailing list from day 1 and maybe later on, you can start promoting products to them and that’s it.

These are the three major strategies I have used to make more money online with affiliate marketing. It is as easy as that.

A passion-driven blogger, digital marketer, and web designer. I teach people how to blog and make money online. I also help business owners to grow their businesses online.

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