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How to Become a Motivational Speaker



It has become a habit that when most people are down emotionally, the next thing they watch or listen to is a motivational talk by their favourite motivational speaker. Have you ever consider becoming one? We shall be discussing How to Become a Motivational Speaker within this article.

How to Become a Motivational Speaker

There has been a rise in demand for motivational speakers nowadays due to many causes of depression making people feel tired or giving up in doing a particular thing or taking part in an action.

This was due to the fact that when this happens, many results into listen to motivational speakers who can pass a message or the other in his delivery, a message of hope that will give redefined energy.

Parts of the causes of depression among humans are poor nutrition, grief and loss of a loved one, stressful life events and activities, physical health problems, among others.

In case you are planning to consider becoming a motivational speaker, then you should make sure you keep the details to be discussed below handy.

How to Become a Motivational Speaker

  1. Take a Public Speak Course/Class

Enrolling yourself in a public speaking class can help you achieve your dreams with ease. Concentrate on the skills needed to be acquired and don’t try to miss classes. It is going to be an advantage if sometimes the tutor let the student sometimes address themselves during the class.

This boost the confidence level of those taking the class and make them to be bold in facing crowd.

  1. Often Practice and Record

As a learning student, the best way you can learn is to put into action, whatever you are being thought. Try to make some practice and as you practice, try to have a recording of them.

Keeping this record will enable you to monitor your progress and checkmate your mistakes. With this done, I am sure you would become successful.

  1. Write often and Never Stop Writing

Motivational speakers are also writers. They write materials and articles for the purpose of supporting their activities. As a motivational speaker in the making, you can have a blog and write articles for the blog. This won’t just help your speaking career but will let you get more engagements with a lot of people.

  1. Consider Getting Some Equipment

It is not a bad idea that you get these things. Having them will allow you to get more familiar with their usage when on stage. You become more comfortable using them when it is time to deliver.

  1. Market Yourself

Marketing yourself will let you get more exposure and be well-known. You can try putting up some clips for free on your blog and social media like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and the likes of them.

The more the people watch your speeches and like them, the more you become known and before you know it, you’ve become the talk of the town.

Register yourself with agencies, offices and bureaus and offer your skill to seminars, conferences and conventions. When you do this, always try to get feedback about your performance from the people. This will not only help you know your mistakes and weaknesses but also, will let you know how to improve on those areas.

You can also get feedback from your blog. This can be in form of reviews or commenting feature or even a mail form that can help them contact you whenever they want to give a feedback.

Always welcome critics, this will improve you. Most of those things you discuss with the audience are not new to them, they only need you to call them into action. Get familiar with your audience, know what they want and give them.

  1. Enjoy What You Present

As a motivational speaker, what topic you have to talk about should be chosen by you. Before you can be successful, you need to know what you like doing or have passion to do. Only these will make you to never stop.

The person becomes a reason to continue doing it while your audience continue to enjoy its delivery. Never let the career affect other activities. You need to do other things that makes happy, fulfilled and loved as well.

Participating in gaming activities can also be an advantage. This will let you keep fit as years go by.

  1. Managing Stress

Even though you’re not an expert yet, never see yourself as one – especially in front of your audience. You are best doing your thing, so never let them see your weakness while on stage.

Like can be hard sometimes – we experience challenges like breakups, loss of loved ones or associate, and other unfair things. These things are bound to happen. So, when life is not fair to you, learn to manage the stress. You don’t have a reason to stop.

Even though you have traffic issues on your way to a conference or you have financial issues or maybe relationship or family issues, you need to keep them away from getting into your work. Don’t let it reflect at all.

You might think people will understand and sympathize with you but, unknown to you, you are showing them your area of weakness. Next time you speak, they may not find the interest in listening believing that you only sat these things and not practice it in real life.

  1. Give Back to Your Community

After you become successful and known, you should consider giving back to your community. Giving back is not limited to donations. You can fund a project or at least take part in it. Or consider rendering assistance to orphanage homes.

You can as well start your own foundation with  mission to help people and solve more problems in the world. Doing this does not only affirm that you want to end the suffering of people around the world but you’re joining hands to making the world a better place.

This also will eventually make you more famous before. You earn more fans when you help the people. But never let this be the reasons why you do it. Find a person for it.

Thanks for reading my article on How to Become a Motivational Speaker, I hope some of the tips here helps you during your career.

Is there anything you’ll like to add, feel free to use the comment feature. As you always know, we love feedback!

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