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How to Buy a Domain Name



If you are website owner or if you are not, you need to know the necessity of having your website domain name and private web hosting. Later in this post, we shall discuss in detail how to Buy a Domain Name.

How to Buy a Domain Name

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is the unique URL address of your blog/website. It tells a browser where to find your website on the internet. A domain name is normally in the form of It shows the uniqueness and genuineness in a website.

Most of the times, people design website with free templates from WordPress, Blogger, Wix and others. These builders also offer free domain name for interested users. This website is added as an add-on to the website of that builder.

Like for example, when you create a free website with WordPress, the domain name you will register will be in the form of and a Blogger website will be

This website name sounds awkward to people and most of the times will not to attract visitors or readers no matter how unique, interesting and relevant the articles you write are.

I think you should know in case you are new to the webmaster’s world that buying a domain does not make your website go online automatically. You need a host upon which you build this website.

A host keeps the identity of your domain and makes it to be found on the internet while keeping your databases and other records. Without a host, your website will not be able to be visible on the internet.

Most of the domain registrars – including GoDaddy, Name Cheap, HostGator among others also offers hosting services. All you need to do is to visit a registrar of your choice and signup for a hosting plan of your choice.

When you buy a domain and host, you need to know that you need to continue to renew the purchase every year if you had sign-up for the yearly plan.

After this, you can continue designing your blog/website by using the site builder functionality associated with your account.

Let’s look into what a domain name can get you.

Importance of a Domain Name

  1. Domain keeps the identity of a website. Even if you transfer your website from one host to another for certain reasons, the contents will be preserved.
  2. It keeps the identity of a business it was created for. Your business identity is better preserved with the domain attached to it.
  3. Choosing a domain name from the business name make it easy for your customers to remember both the business name and its website. They don’t need to keep checking the receipt every time to remember those things.
  4. It gives you the opportunity of being sponsored. Advertisers will come for your website once it meets their standard and you can be able to make cool money off it.

Knowing this, let’s take a review of some highlighted domain registrars.

Some Domain Registrars Review

There are a lot of good registrars around the world who offer good web services. Let’s make a review of some of the most popular ones among.

  1. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a one the most popular if not the leading registrar in the world. It offers a new .com domain sale for $9.99 per year and $6.99 when you transfer your domain from another registrar.

It gives its users the opportunity to manage their domains with certain interesting features with their outstanding interface.

GoDaddy does not just sell .com domains, they also sell .us,,, .org, .uk, .net, .info, .biz domains among others.

  1. NameCheap

NameCheap offers the sale of new .com domains for as low as $10.69 per year and $9.69 per year for domains transferred from other registrars.

Along with the cheap price of the domain, they give good web services to their clients when they buy a domain with offers such as free email forwarding for the website and free redirection.

They also give free WhoisGuards to keep your identity unrevealed as the website owner to the public to domains bought from them. they also sell .us,,, .org, .uk, .net, .info, .biz and other extensions along with their .com domains.

  1. 1 & 1 Internet

This is one of the large web domain registrars you can find out there. It offers the sale of a new .com domain for as low as $0.99 price for the first year and $14.99 per year for the subsequent years.

This package comes along with free private domain name registration, free email account and forwarding.  They give free DNS management and free SSL certificate to ensure your website is secured and your visitors safety. They accept credit card and PayPal for all financial transactions and purchases.

Now, let’s look at how to go about buying your domain name

How to Buy a Domain Name

  1. Select the domain registrar of your choice. Although it may be hard to select a choice but try to check on different registrars and make a choice based on the service they offer.
  2. After your selection, make a visit to the website of the registrar and create an account with your e-mail and a password.
  3. Proceed to buying a domain name by typing the name you would like to buy and checking the availability. If the domain is available, you only need to continue to the next step but if otherwise, then you will need to come up with another domain name that fits the purpose. You will continue to repeat this till you find an available domain of choice.
  4. Since your domain is available, the next thing to be done is to initiate a transaction by adding the domain to cart.
  5. After this, initiate your purchase by clicking or buy now. This page should generate an unpaid invoice and allow you to select your mode of payment. If you are willing to use your credit card for example, all you need to do is enter your credit card details and confirm the transaction by confirming the transaction with the “one-time password (OTP)” sent by your bank.
  6. If the transaction is successful, the page automatic loads your dashboard showing your details and the number of domains you have with the registrars.

Upon buying a domain name, you are assured that you own this domain for a complete year after which you are required to make another payment for the service.

If you face any challenge when making your transaction or need to make an enquiry based on the service a registrar offers, try to use the contact us feature on their website. Most of them responds in real-time.

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