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How to Make $100 per day from any Ad Network



Do you want to know how to make money online with any ad networks you might be with? In this post, I will be sharing with you, certain strategies to able to meet the threshold every single day and with which you can make $100 per day from any Ad Network.

How to Make $100 per day from any Ad Network

This piece of information I will be sharing with you is from my personal experience, not some coiled get together posts screen out online or someone who only relies on paid traffic alone to generate income. Of course, there are times that paid traffic do pay off but mind you, there are seamlessly easy ways to get free traffic and make free money if you do everything analyzed here.

Before I go on, be very sure that not all ad networks are profitable, that I say from any ad network, hey, not all ad networks are profitable. Among all the ad networks out there, have had good success from Google Adsense,, and Infolinks (well as the case maybe).

I don’t know the stories you’ve heard or make to believe that it isn’t possible to make $100 per day from these ad networks, well let’s leave infolinks out of it, they pay less but still one of the best. You deserve to know the truth isn’t it? If you know, then be very clear that you can make $100 per day from Adsense or, 100% possible if you just leave your ego to follow my procedure and after you don’t get result, talk about me talking shit and don’t ever believe me again. Have I caught your attention?

Let’s Begin

How to Make $100 per day from any Ad Network

There are three things I will be sharing with you that is most important in making $100 per day from any ad network and these three are well cooked up to taste good for you and as well very easy.

1. Niche

Yea, Niche. What do you understand by a niche, from English Dictionary “a niche is any position of opportunity for which one is well-suited, such as a particular market in business”. It is as simple as that, let me relate to blogging, a niche is a combination of keywords that make up a blog. Let’s say your composition as a person, either a male or female. Does it matter? Yes it does very well.

The first thing you have to look out is your niche. What are you exactly writing out? Can you figure that out? Is your niche that profitable to the market as well as to the advertisers? These are questions you need to know about very well. If you have problem answering that, then maybe there is a problem somewhere.

Good Niches have tested out that are very profitable are Insurance, Finance, Health, Make Money and Travel. From my discretion, these niches can easily hit you a lot of money within some months or days as the case maybe. Even with less traffic of about 1000 visitors per day, you can be making that big money online per month with easy approach.

2. Traffic

Another aspect we cannot overlook is traffic. There are bad and fake traffic that can utterly affect your earnings, that’s why I will be explaining to you that traffic is very important but good traffic is far better. If you are using, if you are receiving traffic from any parts of the world except US, UK or Canada, before a month or so, you will be suspended. That’s true.

Google also hates paid traffic and they ban accounts even after approved. You know why? Because, the source of their traffic is far bad and not good. Though, have used Facebook ads on my blog before getting banned.

From my experience, Google Adsense also does not really say you should not buy traffic, I think what they are after is buying fake. Be very careful in this aspect. There are a lot of ways to get free traffic, through the search engines, through social networks and many other platform that are legit free.

3. Location

I think I need to explain this as well, the location of your traffic also really matters for both Google Adsense and and I will explain. Google Adsense is a very popular ad network because it is owned by Google, so they support majorly of any countries but is like the opposite. If you are not getting traffic from USA, UK or Canada, it is counted as low quality traffic and your account will be suspended. Ofcourse, traffic from USA can also increase your earnings in terms of per click.

These are the three major things you need to know to start making $100 per day from Adsense. The major thing I will like you take home is your niche matters a lot and after the traffic. I have grown from making like $2 per day from Adsense to about $62 per day and one time had $113.98 per day from Adsense.

A passion-driven blogger, digital marketer, and web designer. I teach people how to blog and make money online. I also help business owners to grow their businesses online.



  1. Sunday

    March 3, 2019 at 3:00 am

    Thanks so much Goodness. I find the article helpful. Surely for bloggers to make huge money, he/she needs huge traffic and click from correct location.

    • Goodness

      March 3, 2019 at 7:39 am


      Earning for blogging depends on traffic, location of the traffic, your niche and choice of keywords.

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