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Reasons Why You Should Become a Blogger



According to Wikipedia, A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries. Our business for discussion in this post is Reasons Why You Should Become a Blogger.

Reasons Why You Should Become a Blogger

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A blog normally has a unique domain name which is nothing but a URL address which defines the blog from other blogs and also has a host. A host is a platform which determines where your blog is built. Note that both the domain and host are paid and not free.

Free hosting providers might actually come with certain limitations and restrictions. This is why I don’t normally recommend them for aspiring bloggers.

The work of a host also includes keeping of the database and other files of the blog. Think of a domain as a building and a host as the land. You will agree with me that a house cannot be built without land.

Designing a blog is not something hard. Most host providers now gives one-time install of blog forums software for their clients. You as a blogger-to-be will be able to choose from the blogging forums options including WordPress, Blogger, Wix, among others.

A blogger is a person who writes regularly on a particular topic or different topics for a blog or more than one blogs.

There are a lot of ways by which people make money online nowadays – and one of the good, stable and way is to choose blogging. I must let you know that if you are still of the opinion that legitimate money cannot be made online, then you are living in the dark.

Nowadays, many people make money online doing stuffs like Blogging, Freelancing, Affiliate marketing, Social Media Marketing, Consumer Research, Online shopping, among others.

All these above mentioned methods are legitimate and stable ways guys out there makes their money on the internet, most of the times without selling any physical products and maybe with little or no investment.

Blogging have been so popular nowadays, that it has become something like a title. A lot of people call themselves bloggers when they have no idea of what blogging is all about.

Some have no time to write their own post, therefore, copy post from other websites and blog forums without giving the credit to the actual owner of the article. A whole lot of guys went into blogging ordinarily because of the motive of making money.

It is not bad to go into blogging with the intention of making money but you should know that this cannot be achieved without following the necessary procedure. And most of all, a blogger must be able to spend more time with his/her blog.

Successful bloggers don’t find it difficult to read and learn more about new things around them. They develop from these new ideas learnt and write re-write in based on their understanding and in their own words for their blog readers.

People has made a fortune out of blogging. I know of people who makes thousands of dollars every month from their blog. It is never achieved by being lazy. They put in their effort into writing and get it published to the internet.

Now that I have been able to explain what a blog, the act of blogging and who a blogger is to you, I think we should look at the Reasons Why Should Become a Blogger.

Reasons Why Should Become a Blogger

  1. Blogging Makes You a Better Reader and Writer

You can only write about topics you know about. This means, if you want your post or write-up to be relevant to your readers and blog followers, then you will have to keep on reading. There is no limit to reading when you are a blogger because, it is the only way you can learn better and as a result become a better writer.

  1. Improvement on How You Think

When you write, the best way to assess what you write before publish is to view your article from the reader’s angle. Understand what your readers what and include them in your writings.

As long as you continue to write, the way you think will definitely reflect in your writings as your personal opinions on topics of interest.

  1. New People and New Opportunities

The more people get engaged with your blog, you continue to gain more exposure. Comments and mail will start coming and before you know it, you can make a better connection from that. This can as well lead to great opportunities since you will have people of like minds surrounding you.

  1. Making Money Online

A blogger the monetizes his/her blog will be able to make money online from his blog. There are different ways to monetize a blog – ranging from PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, PPV (Pay-Per-View) Advertising and using of Contextual Links and Sponsored Posts.

Using any of these methods to monetize the blog will fetch you the opportunity to make money online from your blog. Although, an important factor to what you earn is the traffic – the amount of people visiting you blog on a regular basis to read articles on the blog.

Successful bloggers will never joke about traffic!

  1. Becoming an Inspiration

When you eventually become successful in your blogging career, a lot of new and upcoming bloggers will see you as an inspiration and make them want to learn more from your success story.

  1. You can Easily Market Products

After your blogging career success, most of your readers would have gain credibility and trust in you that they will like to follow any recommendation given to them by you.

But on the other side, you should be very careful on which product you recommend or advertise on your blog. Advertising the wrong product might make you lose your credibility and all that you’ve worked for, can end within a short period of time.

Blogging really pays off at the end of the day. Most successful bloggers would never think of finding a job knowing that what they earn in the present time, no such employer on earth can pay them that amount.

As I have said, the success does not come in a day or achieved overnight. It is a gradual purpose. So, before you start competing with bloggers that are making money, know that you actually need to work hard and of course, smart!

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